Monday, April 08, 2002

Reflections on Ted Hughes and ENV321

I like the interpretation that water plays. I also liked the imagery that Maureen brought up with respect to playing. I really enjoyed playing as a kid and still remember getting so wrapped up in things that time just flew past me. That was living in the moment. I miss those days. I have run up agains my stone door and mt knife and my own womb. Responsibilities seems to drag us down once we get into adulthood. Do we ever return to play? Can we ever lose ourselves in play again or is it an innocence that is lost upon us?

I was sad to see the course wrap up last Thursday but I like the way it ended. I enjoyed seeing everyone's art and hearing about their interpretation of the garden. It made me want to learn how to paint. I have always thought it important to be able to express myself artistically because words sometimes fail me.

I took away from this course an appreciation of the broadness and fuzziness of boundaries. I learned that a garden can be anything, anywhere, anytime. I also began to think in a much more critical and philosophical way, which I really appreciate. This is a skill that is not emphasized in the cognitive science. I learned to look at things in a new light and see how our interpretation of things is colored by social, economic, political, religious and temporal forces that most of the time, we don't even question. The course is about being able to extract ideas, turn those ideas around in your head, critize those ideas and place them back into different contexts. The course is also about themes: space, time, gardens, post-modernism, metanarratives.... I never knew exactly how each class was going to turn out. I will miss that.

Just as a footnote, I had a look at some of Jon's photos from Toronto Island. They turned out great and felt that they captured many of the moods and ideas that were swirling around that day. A great field trip.